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If your traffic doesn’t increase by at least 30% in 3 months, we’ll give you a full refund.

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If You Want to Grow Your Business in Calgary, You've Come to The Right Place

Welcome to FTDigital, your marketing partner that actually brings you results. My name is Gleb, and I’m the owner and founder of this agency.

For more than 5 years, I’ve been helping businesses of all sizes do their marketing right. And when I say ALL, I mean it: from small mom-and-pop shops that wanted to build their first website and get their first customers online to publicly traded companies that wanted to increase their share price with content marketing.

And the most common reason why companies fail to attract new customers is they forget to make a proper strategy for website traffic acquisition.

What most businesses do, at least on a local level, is focus only on the design of their website. As important as it is to have a professional website that shows that your company has all the necessary licenses, has operated for quite some time and has X amount of positive reviews, your website won’t convince anyone to buy from you if they never find it.

So how could they find you?

When it comes to online marketing, you have 3 options: social media, search engine ads and organic traffic from search engines. Let’s discuss each one in detail.

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Website Traffic From Organic and Paid Social Media Posts

Social media is probably the most overrated source of traffic for local businesses. The idea that many people have in their mind is that all they have to do is post a couple of pictures and videos on their Instagram and Facebook accounts, and this will magically bring them a lot of clients.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s not really how it works. When you post a photo or a video, the majority of people who will see it are your subscribers. Now, how many of your prospects will subscribe to your account before they even interact with your company? I bet not enough to call this traffic channel a reliable source of leads. Other views on your posts can be from a different country, which is practically useless for local businesses since they can’t travel there to perform their service.

The only businesses that can really profit from organic social media posts are online stores. Or any other businesses that can deliver their products or provide services online. That’s because these businesses don’t need people to be in a certain area and can get sales even if the views on their Reels or TikToks are in a different province or country.

The same is true for the ads on social media. When people open Facebook, they’re not really looking for services. They just want to be entertained. Sure, they can see a product, decide that it’s exactly what they lack in life and buy it, but when it comes to services, they will very likely skip your ad because they don’t need your service right now.

If you still think that social media is great for getting leads for a local business, think of the last time you needed a service. Let’s say you got to the grocery store, closed your car and suddenly realized that you had left the keys inside. What would you do? Would you open Instagram and start scrolling your feed vigorously until you see the first locksmith ad? You will very likely go to Google and search for “emergency car locksmith near me”.

So how do you, as a business, get that visitor from Google?

Google Ads

Paid Search Engine Traffic and Its Pitfalls

One of the two ways of getting traffic from Google is Google Ads. You can see them every time you search for something. They appear at the top of all search results and have a “sponsored” label above the link.

Are these ads the best tool for your traffic needs? Yes and no, it all depends on your goals.

If you’re just starting out and you need to get clients ASAP, or you want to test if your new service or product will work, there is arguably no better tool. You can identify the keywords or search terms you want your links to show up for, prepare a landing page(s) for them and set up the advertising campaign. It will take a day or two for the campaign to warm up, but after that, you will get visitors and, when done right, customers pretty fast.

Now, why don’t I recommend it for all businesses? The reason is the cost of this paid traffic. A single click on your ad, no matter if it converts into a customer or not, can be anywhere from $3 to $150, depending on the competition in your area, your industry, time of the year and the quality of your ad. And when you take a standard 10% conversion rate on landing pages, 1 call or form submission can be anywhere from $30 to $1500. Add there an average closing rate of 30%, and you end up with $90 to $4500 for a client.

That cost of client acquisition is arguably very high and can be more than the profit you make from that service. Additionally, there is no set price on clicks, and there will never be because Google ads is an auction. Whoever bids more and provides better ads gets to be at the top. If your business is seasonal, at the peak of the season more companies in your area start advertising and increase the average cost of clicks, which means that you will have to spend more just to get the same number of leads you got last month.

Is there a way to get the same quality traffic that won’t cost you an arm and a leg? There is, and it’s SEO!

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Search engine optimization

SEO - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

With SEO, you can get the same clicks that you’d get on ads, but you don’t have to pay for these clicks.

If you do it right, regularly and in a long enough time frame, all your pages (links) will grow their search engine rankings and start showing up in the top 3 results on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Now, many business owners tend to think that ads are better because, with ads, your links can show up above all organic search results, and you will get all the clicks there are. The truth is that the average click-through-rate (CTR) for ads is currently around 5%. Meaning that only 5% of all people who type in a certain keyword in a search engine click on one of 3 ads at the top. The first organic result, on the contrary, gets around 30% of clicks, and all these clicks are free.

The only part about SEO that scares a lot of business owners is the time it takes to get to that first position.

Before I give any estimates on time, let me just start by saying that there are almost no shortcuts in SEO. Anyone who says they can somehow rank your website, which is currently in position 89 for your main keyword, number 1 for your main keyword in a month, is a straight-up scammer. That’s just not how SEO works.

Google’s main mission is to serve its customers the best results that satisfy their query, and in terms of a local business, are not flight-by-night operations. That is why a new website or a website that has never had any local SEO work done on it will have to “convince” Google that it’s worthy of traffic.

So if you have a brand new website on a new domain that isn’t an exact match like “plumbercalgary.ca”, and you want to rank it number 1 for “plumber calgary”, it’s going to take quite some time. Mostly likely more than a year. But again, it depends on how much budget you have and what exactly you’re going to do.

An aged domain that had something, but hopefully nothing prohibited, done on it in the past can get results faster. One of our case studies shows that. An important thing to remember here is that every case is unique, and there is no standard on time it will take for a website to get to the first position.


What's Different About Calgary SEO Services?

Being the third largest municipality in Canada, Calgary is actively growing even further, with new businesses opening every day. In this highly-competitive environment, local businesses need tested digital marketing strategies to make sure they’re not getting outpaced by the growing competition.

That’s where our local SEO company in Calgary steps in. With years of experience and hundreds of completed projects, we know exactly how to find the right strategy for your business and how to implement it.

Our goal is never limited to 1-10 keywords or just the total number of users on your website. The number of users is a clear indicator of a search engine marketing campaign going in the right direction, but it’s not the most important one. As your marketing partner, we want to grow the number of leads you get from organic traffic every month, so you can scale your business without increasing your marketing spending

To achieve that goal, we don’t just work on your website. One of the things we do is Google My Business (GMB) optimization. We first create a listing for you or optimize your existing one as much as possible, and then monitor and update it with the content we create for your website to show Google that your business is active and, hence, it should be shown higher in the “map pack” and on Google maps. This way, we capture additional local traffic that will bring you additional sales.

Another thing that is included in all our seo packages is free Google Ads setup and optimization. As mentioned before, new businesses and some businesses that have never done SEO before need clients today, and SEO can’t bring results that fast. To help these businesses, we first optimize their existing campaigns to make sure they get the best results for the money they spend and then start gradually reducing the budget as we grow their organic traffic.

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Get More Leads For a Fraction of Google Ads Cost With Proven SEO Strategies

Only Proven Strategies

100% Success Rate

If We Don't Grow Your Traffic in 3 Months, We Will Give You a Full Refund

Customer review
Get More Leads For a Fraction of Google Ads Cost With Proven SEO Strategies

Only Proven Strategies

100% Success Rate

If We Don't Grow Your Traffic in 3 Months, We Will Give You a Full Refund

Customer reviews

What Does Your SEO Process Look Like?

Keyword Research

Any successful SEO strategy starts with keyword research. If it's not done or not done correctly, all future seo efforts will be worthless. We first conduct extensive keyword research and then discuss it with you to confirm our findings are relevant to your business. As a result, we create a website structure that will connect all pages and posts together and help them rank.

Technical Audit

The next step in our search engine optimization strategy is a technical audit of your website. We find all 404 pages, unnecessary 301 redirects, duplicate H1 headings, missing titles and meta descriptions, and other on-page issues. We also check your site speed and optimize it as much as possible to meet Google's requirements. Then we review your backlink profile to find spammy links hurting your rankings and disavow them.

Content Creation

Once technical issues are fixed, we start creating and publishing a certain number of pages and blog posts each week, which can be new pages or rewrites of existing pages. This expands the number of keywords you can rank for and shows Google and other search engines that your website's content is constantly updating; hence, your website must be crawled and tested more often.

Link Building

While creating new content and updating the old one, we're building links to it. Links are crucial in rankings, as they tell search engines that your website is trusted by other websites with traffic and your content is so good that they want to link to it. We create local citations and guest posts to keep a healthy balance between nofollow and dofollow links so your website isn't penalized.

Bi-Weekly Reporting

We will send you bi-weekly reports about the work done, changes in organic web traffic and your website's health status to keep you in the loop about the process and results. We prefer sending reports about keywords' position changes once a month because it takes Google some time to index all new updates and reflect them in rankings, especially for websites that are just starting with SEO.

24/7 Support

At any point during the process, you can contact us with any questions or concerns. We understand that SEO techniques can be difficult to wrap your head around, but we promise it will be easier once you see the results!

Success Stories

Please note that we can’t disclose the clients’ names in our case studies because even white-hat SEO, as safe as it is, is still not something Google wants you to do.

Our Reviews

5-Star Rating on Google

Rags El_Presidentè
Rags El_Presidentè
Gleb and his team are pros. They helped me get access to my Wordpress site, and fixed A TON of errors. Fast and on budget. They explained me Internet marketing and what this whole thing is about. Now I understand how my previous guys scammed me!
Richard McCormick
Richard McCormick
Working with FTDigital was a 5 stars ️ experience! I contacted Gleb for help with my website. It was slow, outdated and it didn’t work on mobile. I also had a huge red error every now and then when I tried to open it. Not only did he help me problem solve he took the time to explain everything in detail. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for help with their website.
Mike Bassett
Mike Bassett
Gleb is amazing! His communication skills are unbelievable, and his ability to break down complex topics is outstanding! The quality of the work is truly spot on and I would NOT hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking to grow their business. Great job! And thank you! The impact you left will last for many years to come!
Ricardo Lasalle
Ricardo Lasalle
Do yourself a favor and talk to someone who knows his stuff and can help you make the right decision about your marketing - this stuff is confusing and there is lots of misinformation out there ... be safe , dont waste your money and talk to Gleb
Ivan Dryamov
Ivan Dryamov
I wanted to build my first website for my business and first tried Wix. I have to admit it didn’t look nice but I had no desire to spend any more money on it. I though it was useless. When my friend introduced me to Gleb, I had my doubts that I needed it. Tough after he showed me what my competitors were doing and what results they got, I was more than surprised. My main competitor had 2,000 visitors every month while I only had 15! He really helped me understand why I couldn’t get any more customers. So I decided to invest in it, and I must say, it was worth it 100% Highly recommend this guy for your marketing. Thank you so much!
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Our SEO Packages

Our SEO packages differ in the number of resources we allocate for your website every month. The more budget we have, the better and faster results we can get you.


Best for local businesses in niches with low competition.


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Best for local businesses in niches with medium to high competition.



Best for established businesses who want to stop paying for Google Ads ASAP


SErvice area

We Serve All Cities in Canada & US

Here are a few most popular cities:

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Search Engine Optimization Services PRICING EXPLAINED

Why Do You Charge More Than Freelancers?

“I’ve seen other Calgary SEO companies offering seo services for $800/month. Why would I pay more?”

I bet you have. I’ve personally seen “search engine optimization experts” offering local SEO services for $500 a year.

The question here is, what quality of results do you want?

High-quality, white-hat Calgary SEO service that brings results can’t be done for $800/month, let alone $800 a year. When you take the costs of high-quality content, quality backlinks and the time needed to plan and execute it right, the numbers don’t add up.

So, you’ll either get barely any growth or a quick pump that will end in a quick dump or manual penalty from Google, which will completely remove your local business from the Google search results.

The choice, of course, is entirely yours, but I don’t see the benefit in being penny-wise and pound-foolish.

How To Start Working With Us?

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Time is money. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll get organic leads in Calgary, Canada!

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If you already have a proper website, we can start right away!

The main thing we’re looking for is a modern design that is mobile-friendly and optimized for conversions. If you only have a few web pages, it’s not a problem as long as the website is built on WordPress.

We’ll do a free audit of your website to determine its current positions, competitors and technical errors. From there, we will present a plan for growing your traffic and what exactly we will do each month.

If you don't have a website, or your website is outdated and doesn't work right, we can start by building a new one that will be optimized for SEO and conversions!

The price for a new website largely depends on how many pages you want to start with and the functionality you want there, but our average price range is $2,000 to $4,500, including web design, copywriting, development and setup on your hosting of choice. We want to help your business, so we keep this price as low as possible, so you can invest in the most important part – traffic.

FREE Consultation

Ready To Start Growing Your Organic Traffic?

Submit the form to get a free website audit and a plan for your website’s growth!

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