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Final Results

We were able to increase monthly organic traffic from 59 to 124 visitors in 2 months: from January 23 to March 28, 2023.

After implementing several CRO techniques, the Average Time On a Page also grew by 12.6%. From 1m 20s to 1m 30s.

At the time of writing, the client was able to decrease their Google Ads budget by 45%. We plan to reduce it to 0 in the next 2 months.

As a side note, one of the reasons for such quick growth was an established domain. It was first indexed back in 2019 and had a DR of 30 when we started working on it.

So, how did we do it? Let’s go step-by-step

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On-Page Work

After the first technical analysis of the website, we discovered more than 60 different errors. The site health score was 68.

There were a lot of duplicate h1 tags and missing or duplicate meta titles and descriptions. But the biggest problem was the wrong URL structure. 

The previous agency that was working on the website tried to rank the “About Us” page for the main keyword. Service pages either had very long URLs with a lot of useless words or didn’t have the keyword in them. So we had to make a new URL structure for the whole website.

The other problem was content on those pages. They tried to create more pages but either wanted to save the budget or didn’t know what they were doing. All pages had around 500 words of text on them, while competitors for the same keywords had around 1,800.

All of the stated above significantly reduced the chances of this website ranking on the first page, so we had to tackle it first before we started adding new content.

Off-Page Work

And if you thought the On-Page situation was pretty bad, you haven’t seen the backlink profile…

Tons of spammy links from PBNs and forums with an exact match anchor pointing to the service pages, while the average number of backlinks for the top 5 results for the same keywords was 1 (It’s a local keyword after all).

I don’t want to speculate on who added those links. Was that a previous agency or competitors, but the fact is these links are very dangerous. After the recent Google updates, the algorithm started recognizing them very well and giving websites algorithmic penalties. So they had to be disavowed ASAP.

After the bad links were disavowed, the website saw a pump on all keywords in around 1.5 weeks. Of course, the new links we added also contributed to that growth and set the foundation for the new one.


This case once again shows how important technical SEO can be.

Even if you have an aged domain, but your URL structure is wrong, your meta titles and H1s don’t explicitly show Google what the page is about, and you have a ton of spammy links, the website won’t rank.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the reasons we were able to increase traffic so fast is a relatively high DR of 30. However, it doesn’t mean that newly registered domains are doomed, and there’s no point in doing SEO for them.

With the right strategy and a bit of time, they can rank as well and save you a ton of money you would spend on Google Ads. Especially if you’re trying to rank on a local level.

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