3x Google Ads Conversion Rate Increase

Local Home Services

Final Results

We were able to increase the conversion rate 3 times in just 2 weeks for a home service company in GTA.

The niche was extremely competitive, and the cost per click was more than $15, so we had to be very careful with every experiment.

Our plan was to focus on all 3 elements of the ad campaign: targeting, actual ads and the quality of the landing page.

So, how did we do it? Let’s take a closer look

First Step

We first started off by creating new landing pages for each service to make sure they were relevant to the search and optimized for conversions – all the necessary elements for conversion were in place.

In terms of landing pages, we have our own tested setup that consistently generates great results.

And it’s not the colour scheme or icons that make our setup so powerful – it’s a strategic placement of all necessary elements on the page that shows visitors they’re in the right spot, and this is the company they can trust to perform the service.

After the pages were completed, we connected additional analytics to make sure we understood what visitors saw and what part of the copy needed improvement.

Second Step

Then, we rebuilt the campaign from the ground up, created separate groups for each service, updated location and audience targeting and let it run for a few days with the new settings.

After the first tests were completed, we identified low-performing keywords, locations and audiences and started crossing them off on a regular basis.

We also found 2 elements of the copy that seemed to confuse visitors and rewrote them.

After a couple of iterations, we found the sweet spot of locations, audiences, ads and keywords that were bringing the most calls and limited the campaign to these settings.


Google Ads is a great tool for getting leads for a new business if you know how to use it.

Although the cost per click can be high in some industries, it is possible to reduce it to the point where it’s profitable to run those ads.

Nevertheless, we still advise ads mostly to new businesses that need new clients right now because investing in organic traffic brings a much higher ROI in the long run and it’s much more stable than ads.

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